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This site will only share with its visitors online earning sites that are known to pay. Members and visitors are encouraged to leave their comments, suggestions and/or reviews in regards to the sites mentioned here. Earning sites will be deleted (or a note made) if they no longer offer such services and other sites will be added when they are discovered, tested and proven. It is my aim to ensure that the information on this site is kept current and gives valued information to all who visit.


Note: I have decided to simply update instead of removing programs so that the information will serve as a review.


Please become a member and leave your comments about the services offered by the listed sites and even make recommendations. Let us apply the method of one hand washing the other across the globe as we supply others with our expertise gained through working online.


 Short Description: On Hubpages you will be able to follow the blogs/hubs of other hubbers and have other hubbers follow your blogs. You can tweet your blogs and share them on Facebook as well. There are several methods of increasing your earnings. These include allowing Google ads on your hub so you earn through Google Adsense, Hubpages Ad program and selling related eBay and/or Amazon products on your hubs.     

Payments are done via Paypal every month once you reach the $50 payout amount.


Short Description: This has proven to be a somewhat controversial site. Academia is an academic site which requires freelance writers. A web search will yield results which indicate that Academia is a scam. I have however included them here as I earned from them. Your monthly earnings can be really great depending on how much work you put in and you receive payment through your Paypal account. Its sometimes best to give a site a try and prove it for yourself instead of just taking another person's word for it.

 There are definitely some problems with the site as I have read similar faults to the one I experienced but I would not let that stop me from earning some well needed cash. I hope Academia work out those kinks soon.

NOTE: This site is under review to be removed from this list as we have learnt that it might be banned by Google due to the nature of its operations. Further queries will be made before final decisions are made.

 Payment  is sent via your Pay Pal account or you can request Western Union Transfer.


Update: Writers are now required to compete with other writers for jobs. They have to submit the reason they thin they are the best individual for the job then whoever is the most appealing or thought to be the most qualified is given the job. Its basically like you will be bidding for the job without submitting a price as that is set. 


They sent me an email saying that payments are now made throughPayoneer.

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                  Amazon Mechanical Turk

 Short Description:  Mechanical Turks is an Amazon affiliated site where members have access to thousands of Hits/Tasks to complete for varying price. The site is free to join and members choose the tasks they wish to complete.  Hits prices can go from as low as $0.005  to even $50. Some tasks are very quick and easy so even at a low cost Turkers are able to complete a number of tasks and earn handsomely.                                   

 It must be noted that there are times when members may not find tasks they can be bothered with because of the price and time required to do the hit. The great thing is that workers have a choice and can simply check back regularly for tasks they find more appealing. There are always new tasks to do but the more appealing tasks can be gobbled up pretty quickly so its best to keep checking by refreshing the page.

 The hits are provided by businesses, developers and even individuals who have tasks they would want to be done by human intelligence rather than computer generated results. Many of the tasks are fun and of varying interests such as rating products, videos, transcribing, writing articles, surveys and much more.

It is very possible to realize substantial earnings from Mechanical Turks and all in one's spare time. Payout is $50 which can be obtained from doing just one tasks when such tasks are available.

Payment is sent as a check to US citizens or they may request that it be sent to their bank accounts while Indian workers can request that it be sent to their accounts. Indian workers can ask to be paid in Rupees. Other international workers presently only have the option of transferring the funds to their Amazon account where it can be used for shopping on Amazon. Amazon is working on improving the payment options for international workers.

This is stated in the Amazon FAQS so be sure to read it if you decide to sign up as a member. 

Update: International users can now access their Amazon payments in cash. See details here. 


College Deals


Short Description:  Elance is a great site for freelance writers. Numerous projects are posted on this site from various categories. You can sign up as a company or an individual and then bid on projects once you become a member. Elance offers a great oppurtunity for you to advertise your work as a blogger, website developer, proof reader and so much more.

Freelancing on Elance must be approached in a professional manner. Be prepared to supply qualifications/certificates and all that jazz, just as you would when applying for a regular job. You will be able to take various computer skills test which you can display on your profile to prove your efficiency in various computer applications. This is a great way of promoting yourself and getting an extra edge. You an also provide links to your blogs and/or websites.

On Elance, you will be known as a provider. You will be able to communicate with your client as you work on the project.

Payments for non-US citizens can be obtained through Payoneer (Elance Prepaid MasterCard) which is obtained from Elance, through Paypal or through wire transfer.

Note: If you are a company or just an indiviidual who needs experts to get some work done then Elance is the place to obtain that service. 


Short Description: Triond is in fact an online publishing site where you can write and submit your articles. To be honest I never had a good experience with this site and I have hardly ever seen them get a good review.

Payments are made monthly through paypal , via Western Union or check and is set at US$50.00 for payout. 


 Short Description:  Paypal is an online payment system based in the US which facilitates the sending and receiving of funds for online. This is great for both individual and business monetary transactions. Many online earning sites make and receive their payments through Paypal. Signing up is easy and having an account is very convenient as members are also able to make online purchases.  

Paypal also allows its members to earn by referring other merchants to their site. Sign up for Paypal and recommend it to your friends and family and earn up to $1000 for each referral. You can send or have money sent to you just as through other wire transfer agents. Its fast and convenient. All the sites mentioned on this site make payments through Paypal.

Update: Paypal has discontinued their referral program, but if you intend to earn online, do transactions or send money online then you will benefit greatly from their services.  


Payout is US $5.50 and is paid weekly to your paypal account. 

Update: This site is no longer recommended and as far as I know may no longer exist.  


Short Description:  This is a great discussion site.  Mylot members simply create and participate in discussions and earn. I must say the earnings here are very small unless you put in a whole lot of time and effort posting and participating in discussions.There is an additional earning feature on the site called Tasks.  Members are able to post as well as select and complete tasks posted by other members and get paid. The value of each task is stated so you decide whether it is worth your time and effort or not. You can also post your blogs on this site.

 Mylot is great for persons who enjoy discussing topical issues, sharing ideas and learning new things. Mylot also has what are called interest so you can select the areas which appeal to you the most, for example, music, technology, sports, pets, cooking and much more. You select your area of interest and then start and/or participate in related discussions.

Payments are done through Paypal and Alert pay.

Update: I came across some information that this site will be discontinuing their earning program. 



 Short Description: Peoplestring is much like face book and more. Members get paid for just being an active member. You can play games, shop online, check your emails, connect to face book, collect mails in your mail box, sign in to your email account(s) and even your instant messenger all from the peoplestring site and you will  be rewarded. Peoplestrig is pretty much like a one-stop shop. You can use google search engine from there and even visit and shop from some well known stores such as Target, Macy's and much more. The shopping is categorized which allows visitors to simply click on the product they are interested in e.g clothes, jewelries, flowers, electronics, and they will be taken to all the stores which offer that product. The plus of shopping through peoplestring is the discounts which are available to members from site. 

Members will accumulate points for  just about all their activities on the site. At the end of each month these points are converted to cash value based on the members level of activity for that month. The activities on peoplestring are many and varied with small investment options and forums where networking takes place. 

The site is especially USA friendly with Canada and the UK members (in that order) being the most catered for in terms of earning capabilities. International members earn at a slower rate as many offers such as watching videos and other free offers are not yet available to them. The site is growing and evolving each day so it is expected that the offers to international members will improve as  time goes by.

Payout is set at $25 each month and is sent to your Alert pay account.

Update: The site was apparently a grand waste of time. People were not being paid and support was basically non-existent. The complaints were loud and furious and the company responded by removing their forum and Facebook medium.


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